PAL Benefits

No Monthly Fees

PAL is unique in the home automation industry in that there are no monthly fees for use of the system. Many home automation services require that the user pays a monthly fee just to operate their system. We realize that people have enough bills, and because of that, we only charge for the system itself, nothing after that. PAL still has available customer support at no cost and a 1 year warranty on all hardware and installation work.


Save Energy

Users of PAL can experience cost savings through active management of their home’s energy outputs. If lights are left on or the thermostat is running too high, the user can remotely adjust the system to save energy. Research has shown that people who manage their thermostats throughout the day can save between $15 and $80 a month on their energy bill depending on the size of the house and how actively they manage the system. People can also save roughly $15 a year by ensuring that lights within the home are turned off when they are away from the home. PAL systems can pay themselves off in as little as three years.


PAL provides users with customizable home security systems. Whether you are getting in bed for the night, out at the office for the day, or on vacation, PAL allows you to ensure your homes security. Systems can be programmed to send cellphone alerts to you to advise you of unwarranted activity around your home. Unlocked doors, open windows, motion within the home can all be monitored by your PAL home system.


Control from Anywhere

PAL allows users to control their system from the comfort of their home, another state, or anything in between. No need to worry about open garage doors or unlocked doors while you are gone, remotely manage to ensure your home is just the way you want it. PAL prides itself on having a beautiful app interface that can communicate with any aspect of your home instantaneously, no matter your location.

Base System Starting at $575.00

No longer is home automation for a select few. PAL has developed processes to ensure that the future of home automation can reach the masses. Systems can be affordable for any home owner. Contact a PAL team member to get an estimate for your home.

Financing Available

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