The PAL Experience

Establish control from anywhere. On vacation. At work. From the comfort of your home. Anywhere.

Scenes and Routines

Scenes allow PAL to adapt to your daily routines

Common Scenes

Bedtime Scene

Hop into bed and hit the "bedtime scene". All the lights in the house will turn off. Doors will lock. Garage will close. And all motion sensors will activate to alert you of unwanted activity. Even have that noise fan in the corner turn on to help you sleep.

Good Morning Scene

Rise and shine, but also hit the "Good Morning" scene button. Lights in the bedroom will slowly dim on. Kitchen lights will turn on in approximately 15 minutes. You can even have your coffee start brewing for you.

Welcome Home Scene

 As you are approaching your home hit the "Welcome Home" scene button. Your thermostat will adjust from energy saving mode to whatever temperature you deem comfortable. Entryway lights will turn on. Security system will disengage. And the garage door will open as you approach the house.

All Off Scene

Whether you are on vacation or at work and want to make sure the house is saving energy, hit the "All Off" scene button. Lights will turn off. Thermostat will go into energy efficiency mode. Window shades will close. PAL can also ensure that all your doors are locked.

Vacation Scene

On your way to the airport, double check that your home is ready for your departure by hitting the "Vacation" scene button. Doors will lock. Garage doors will close. Thermostats will go into power saving mode. Lighting will turn on and off to simulate occupancy. The main water source to the house can even be shut off if leaks are detected.

Custom Scenes

Create your own scenes to cater to your lifestyle. A PAL team member can help you set up a personalized scene.

Pal Security System alerts you immediately if any sensor  is triggered in your home to ensure your safety and to 

  1. Once alarm is triggered, the alarm will go off and alert you as well as ADT
  2. Dispatcher will contact you to verify the emergency. If it was a false alarm, they will cancel the alarm. If not, the dispatcher will notify your local emergency response team, they will also notify your emergency response team if they cannot get in touch with you.
  3. You will receive assistance from your emergency response team shortly
The Pal Experience

Scenes & Routines

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